School Faces Overcrowding – Isle of Wight County


The US adds 1 MILLION legal immigrants to the population – EVERY YEAR.  

The issue of overcrowded schools will continue to get WORSE.  

school crowded

Carrollton Elementary School, a kindergarten through third-grade school known for its advanced reading, STEM and coding programs, has been providing quality education to its students since the ’90s, but with Carrollton’s recent surge in population growth, overcrowding has become a problem.

“The overcrowding has been slowly creeping in, but now it’s become a more and more imminent problem,” Hulick said over the phone. “With all of these big developments that are coming in, our schools are going to be hit the hardest in the northern part of the county, and this will affect all other areas of the county.”


Have 50 Years of Overcrowded Parks Taught Us Nothing?

The US adds 1 MILLION legal immigrants to the population – EVERY YEAR.  Overcrowding in America will continue to increase.  You ain’t seen NOTHING yet.

1 million LEGAL immigrantsEVERY YEAR with no end in sight.


Of course things are crowded.  Traffic, roads, schools, hospitals.


Maryland state parks have become so popular, they’re turning people away

Maryland parks are so crowded- rangers are shutting down the entrances …

The US is adding 1 MILLION legal immigrants to the population – EVERY YEAR.

The US will continue to experience overcrowding with no end in sight.

EXCERPT from Washington Post article:   

At some sites, on weekends with good weather, they’re filling every picnic table, beach and trail to capacity.   Many have become so popular that rangers are shutting down the entrances and turning away latecomers.

Maryland parks overcrowding

Washington Post article – click HERE.

You can run but you can’t hide from the consequences of overpopulation.  Places for hiking, biking, and camping will continue to be overcrowded – WITH NO END IN SIGHT.

Building a vast new city on L.A.’s northern edges: A solution for region’s housing crunch?

Housing -CALIFORNIA.jpg

The USA adds 1 MILLION legal immigrants –  EVERY YEAR

They need a place to live, too.  

It isn’t “anti-immigrant” to suggest that perhaps we could invite 500,000 good people to live in the US instead of 1 MILLION.  

Anyone who tells you this is “anti-immigrant” is either not being honest or is just dumb. 

Building a vast new city on L.A.’s northern edges: A solution for region’s housing crunch?

Up near the top of the Grapevine, where Los Angeles and Kern counties meet, sits the largest contiguous expanse of privately owned land in California.

Sprawling grasslands sprout native and non-native species. Joshua trees with spiky branches clump together. At higher elevations, oak and pine forests blanket hillsides in a thick, green velvet, providing a home to deer, black bears and elk.

Tejon Ranch, a 270,000-acre plot, is one of the last frontiers of relatively undeveloped space in the Los Angeles region.

That may soon change.

After years of planning and debate, as well as real estate busts and booms, the Centennial development is set to come before L.A. County’s Regional Planning Commission for possible final consideration Wednesday.  It will later be taken up by the Board of Supervisors.

For more photos and to read the entire article by Nina Agrawal, follow this link:


US Population is EXPLODING

Is your town getting a little crowded? Traffic - subdivision.png

Can everyone move to Easton, Maryland or Perham, Minnesota?  Other town to move to: Latrobe, Pennsylvania.  Salida, Colorado is another good town with lots of land. Luray, Virginia also has lots of available land for people from California or New York.  Ketchum, Idaho has LOTS of land!

Listen, 1 million legal immigrants are added to the US – EVERY YEAR.  And these folks needs houses and cars and schools and stores and lots of stuff.

(But is it anti-immigrant to maybe reduce that number to 500,000 people a year?)