Emotions run high as building boom arrives in another East Nashville neighborhood (population growth!)

The US adds 1 MILLION legal immigrants to the population – EVERY YEAR – with no end in sight.   Building will continue!

Nashville housing development.jpg

From her front porch, Ernestine Crutcher can no longer keep an eye on the schoolkids at the bus stop down the street.

A new three-story development under construction across the road — the first major commercial project on her block in decades — stands in the way.

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EVERY YEAR, the US adds 1 million legal immigrants to the population.  These fine people need to live somewhere, too.

From Buffalo to Nashville to Raleigh to Austin to Ketchum – THERE WILL BE MORE BUILDING.

You can RUN but you cannot HIDE.

(Is it possible to be a “Nation of Immigrants” with 250,000 people EVERY year ….??)