Parents in Lansing School District say schools are “overcrowded”

Their complaints come down to lack of space and lack of food.

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The US adds 1 MILLION legal immigrants to the population – EVERY YEAR.  Yes, we will continue to have overcrowding issues – from Michigan to California to Iowa to North Carolina to Idaho.  And in between.


School districts in Charleston region struggle with overcrowding (you can run but you can’t hide)

US population currently adds 1 MILLION legal immigrants on an annual basis.  Yes, that’s 1 million+ people added to the population of the US – EVERY YEAR.  

So yes, there will continue to be overcrowded schools in South Carolina and in the rest of the country.   (You can run from California, but you can’t hide)

Charleston school

The droves of people moving to the Lowcountry for the low cost of

living and plentiful jobs aren’t coming alone.


Fillmore Elementary School parents worried about class overcrowding

1 million legal immigrants join the population EVERY year.   OF COURSE there is overcrowding.   In California, in North Carolina, in Iowa – EVERY WHERE.

What do you think .. maybe reduce legal immigration to 400,000 a year?    Or just keep building roads schools hospitals prisons etc … ? ? ? ?

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LOMPOC, Calif. – Parents at Fillmore Elementary School in Lompoc are upset about recent changes in class sizes. The Lompoc Unified School District (LUSD) is consolidating kindergarten classes on that campus.