Maryland – Virginia schools grapple with OVERCROWDING, parents wonder WHY .. (1 million legal immigrants added YEARLY)

The US adds 1 MILLION legal immigrants to the population – EVERY YEAR.   Yes, there will be more overcrowding of schools, parks, hospitals, roads, etc.   WAKE UP, AMERICA.   You can RUN but you will still find OVERCROWDED schools.   (If your kids go to a private school – NO problemO !)School students DC

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“It’s frustrating,” said Stacy Kobrick, whose son attends Bethesda.
“It feels like the county is putting economic development above the needs of students. We moved to this area to be in a good school, and they’re squished.

Bethesda Elementary is far from the most overcrowded campus in the Washington region. In Montgomery alone, half of the county’s 205 schools exceed 100 percent capacity, and some hover around 150 percent.

Tucker Carlson may have a point.

Washington Post Article:


Parents in Lansing School District say schools are “overcrowded”

Their complaints come down to lack of space and lack of food.

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The US adds 1 MILLION legal immigrants to the population – EVERY YEAR.  Yes, we will continue to have overcrowding issues – from Michigan to California to Iowa to North Carolina to Idaho.  And in between.

Campus overcrowding is a more serious problem than originally thought

Fort Bend, Indiana – Schools Overcrowding – Ridge Point High School capacity projections top 127 percent



The US Adds 1 MILLION legal immigrants to the population EVERY YEAR.

Overcrowded schools, hospitals, and prisons will continue to be an issue!

And yes, MORE ROADS will need to be built.

School Faces Overcrowding – Isle of Wight County


The US adds 1 MILLION legal immigrants to the population – EVERY YEAR.  

The issue of overcrowded schools will continue to get WORSE.  

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Carrollton Elementary School, a kindergarten through third-grade school known for its advanced reading, STEM and coding programs, has been providing quality education to its students since the ’90s, but with Carrollton’s recent surge in population growth, overcrowding has become a problem.

“The overcrowding has been slowly creeping in, but now it’s become a more and more imminent problem,” Hulick said over the phone. “With all of these big developments that are coming in, our schools are going to be hit the hardest in the northern part of the county, and this will affect all other areas of the county.”