Maryland – Virginia schools grapple with OVERCROWDING, parents wonder WHY .. (1 million legal immigrants added YEARLY)

The US adds 1 MILLION legal immigrants to the population – EVERY YEAR.   Yes, there will be more overcrowding of schools, parks, hospitals, roads, etc.   WAKE UP, AMERICA.   You can RUN but you will still find OVERCROWDED schools.   (If your kids go to a private school – NO problemO !)School students DC

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“It’s frustrating,” said Stacy Kobrick, whose son attends Bethesda.
“It feels like the county is putting economic development above the needs of students. We moved to this area to be in a good school, and they’re squished.

Bethesda Elementary is far from the most overcrowded campus in the Washington region. In Montgomery alone, half of the county’s 205 schools exceed 100 percent capacity, and some hover around 150 percent.

Tucker Carlson may have a point.

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